How we started the tastings

Early in 2021 we started with organizing tastings for friends. Our first so-called ‘tasting formula’ was an Italian Piedmont/Tuscany tasting. The highlights of the evening were Barolo and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Barolo was paired with a spicy port cheese – because of the powerful Nebbiolo grape, and Vino Nobile with a gentle steak – because of the more fruity Sangiovese grape.


Our visits to France and Italy got enriched by our passion for wine. We learn everywhere we go and bring back the nicest ideas and combinations.

High-End Tasting statement

We are creating tailor-made tastings and hope you'll love this experience as much as we do.


The oldest evidence of steady production of wine has been found in the Caucasus mountains just after the Neolithic Revolution (the birth of agriculture), proved by the jars containing residual wine compounds. Throughout history, wine has been consumed for its intoxicating effects. Today it has become an integral part of life, and it is more accessible and refined than ever.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to bring smile to our customers, through creating awareness of taste by using high-quality products, and support small local businesses.

Our wine story



First Real Champagne Experience

“The first sip of a Blanc de Blancs made me smile” - Marijn, founder of the High-End Tasting. Marijn’s family friend, who lived in Champagne, brought his parents a visit and entered with the two cold bottles, just from the winery. This moment always stayed with Marijn. Champagne gave him such a fresh, pleasant, unforgettable feeling. His dad's friend gave him an extra bottle, which he kept for two more years before opening.



First Champagne Region visit

For a few years, Marijn was more into cocktails. But finally, in September 2020 together with some friends he visited Reims and Epernay. Looking back to that first visit, it’s hard to believe how little he knew about the region. Nevertheless, without that deeper understanding, everyone enjoyed the trip and Champagne a lot.


Wine tasting in Tuscany.

Discovering more wine regions

A year later in 2021, Marijn made a tour on our own through France visiting Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, Burgundy, and Champagne. He has been to many wineries for tastings and this was the start of becoming more serious about wine. Marijn's true passion for Champagne re-awakened and still wines had begun. So the same year he started his wine education and also visited Lazio and Tuscany.



High-End Tasting

In 2022 Marijn started with High-End Tasting. Since then he has been working closely with talented people, within the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Our motto is, “if we start with something, we should do it well”.

I love hosting events and pleasing my guests with the best products in a cozy and friendly ambiance. What attracts me about wine, is not just the taste, the 'quiet' enjoyment and romance behind it. It's also the geological and technical aspect of wine production in general. This might be explained by my technical background and Bachelors in Information Communication Technology. I’m also pretty much serious and detail oriented when it goes about the food and wine pairing. With food I’m always looking for the perfect match and the same flavor intensity as wine.

A word of thanks goes to my friends, who helped develop my taste for discovering the best wines.

Our team would like to meet you to introduce you to our tastings. Hope to see you soon!


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